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December 15 2013


Air Ambulance Ratings Leader adds Transparency to Medical Flight Companies


AirAmbulanceRatings.com looks to provide more power to the buyer giving them details about air ambulance companies they've didn't have use of. A lot of air ambulance and medical flight providers are very just brokers that have not a clue who will be flying their patients or what type of maintenance history the plane the has. - Air Ambulance Service

Air ambulance industry is growing as demographics shift to an older international population and something that is more on the move. Your trend there has been numerous air ambulance company popping up with large marketing budgets as well as larger claims. Even though some more established air charter publication rack starting to offer air ambulance services as an additional source of revenue others are dedicated providers of air ambulance.

Because of the rapid expansion of the industry, Air Ambulance Ratings felt there was clearly dependence on a tool for patrons to learn about air ambulance companies and voice their knowledge about them. AirAmbulanceRatings.com invites you to definitely search and review medical flight providers. - Air Ambulance Service

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